The importance of Pothole Repairs for Industrial Yards – Cost Saving, Workforce Safety

Potholes are a hazard to vehicles and can create a severe Health & Safety risk if they are allowed to degrade further.

According to the Express newspaper which gives readers a guide to claiming compensation, potholes are costing UK drivers £1.7 billion a year.

With the increase of potholes in many of our roads, an area often overlooked is potholes within industrial yards.

Owners of businesses within Industrial Yards risk damaging vehicles but are also opening themselves up to compensation claims from workers.

Thompsons solicitors in Scotland present a case-study from 2017 whereby they were able to successfully claim compensation to the value of £2000 after a worker had sustained a head injury after driving over a pothole.

Apart from the increase of costs for maintaining your vehicles due to pothole damage, a whole industry of no win no fee legal action is emerging, focussing solely on pothole injury compensation claims. Why take the financial risk with your vehicles and the health and safety of your workers?

At Road-Fix we provide Health & Safety checks at your yards and can carry out all manner of remedial works, from simple pothole repairs to safety markings, to ensure safe surfaces for your workers, reduced risk of compensation claims, and reduced damage and costs to your vehicles.

Our gallery below showcases one of our most recent road reinstatement works for an industrial yard.

Our team is available to conduct a Health & Safety road/yard check at your business and provide a competitive quote. Contact us today by email or give us a phone.